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12 Most Expensive Wines Available in Vietnam

Finding the most expensive wines in Vietnam is easy, but it’s not a handy task anyone can master.

12 expensive bottle of wine


Finding the most expensive wines in Vietnam is easy, but it’s not a handy task anyone can master.


A fancy bottle of wine with a high tag is not always ensuring the quality and the journey to get the ranking it wins today. There are many things involved in the pricing game that you need to dig deeper in order to understand the value of the bottle you hold in your hands.

Due to the limited ingredients and growing conditions of the vines, wine is one of the toughest products to master. Today, the highly touted vintages in the wine world you see today deserve an enormous amount of money.

If you own the love for wine collecting and seeking the most valuable option in Vietnam to upgrade your cellar, here are 12 names to look at! We break down the origin and story behind each wine, as well as the prestigious awards they have gained for decades.


12 Most Expensive Wines in Vietnam: Price, Brand, Origin and Story Behind


Château Petrus - Vintage: 1976, 1995, 2011




Leading the chart of the most expensive wines in Vietnam is Chateau Petrus with the price starting at 82,000,000 VND (~3,519 USD). The one and only Pétrus leads a duo of Pomerol estates in Bordeaux, France at massive prices. It has been ranked consistently among the world's most expensive wines.

What is interesting behind this wine is not only the price itself but also the location.

In fact, there is no estate of the Pétrus that can ever be found. The huge popularity of Pétrus has triggered the curiosity deep down in the hearts of many wine drinkers. Yet they fail to discover the chateau where Pétrus is based. The latest farmhouse of the estate was destroyed over a decade ago. 

And one more thing that I think it may shock you, is that there’s no such thing called Pétrus's second wine.

Why is that?

Anything produced by the brand that’s not good enough will be sold as bulk wine.

This bold move ensures the great integrity of the wine.

According to Adam Brett-Smith, managing director of UK-based merchant Corney & Barrow, the winemakers prefer not to release if the wine is not up to their expectations.

Each year, only 30,000 bottles of Petrus are offered to the world with a high-quality, low-volume Bordeaux wine that's waiting to surprise your taste buds inside each bottle. 

The magic of Chateau Petrus is so mesmerizing that it even won the heart of the Kennedy family during the 1950s and 1960s.

This milestone cements the wine's popularity as they were Francophiles and key opinion leaders at the moment. As long as the Kennedys liked it, the crowd would go crazy for it!


Grand Vin Du Château Margaux 


Grand Vin Du Château Margaux


Being sold at the starting price of 69,000,000 VND (~2,961 USD), Grand Vin Du Château Margaux is the best and first wine of Château Margaux. Ever since it was launched in the 17th century, the wine has been recognized amongst the greatest wines in the entire world.

With the history stretching over 3 centuries, Château Margaux has been classified as a top-tier wine since 1855. It was also the only estate to be given a 20/20 rating by Napoleon III’s classification. This classification was requested by Emperor Napoleon III in 1855 under the name Exposition Universelle de Paris. This was where all the finest wines in the countries were displayed and introduced to visitors from across the world.

The estate is now found in the Margaux commune of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.

The reputation of Château Margaux Grand Vin was the best friend of Thomas Jefferson before he was selected to be the President of the United States.

During his time in Paris, Jefferson created his own hierarchy of wines and Margaux was placed at the top of the ranking with a note he left: 

 “There couldn’t be a better Bordeaux bottle”.

In 2017, 100% of the vines for the Grand Vin range were farmed organically.


Château Lafite Rothschild Pauillac


Château Lafite Rothschild Pauillac


Being purchasable at 40,000,000 VND (~1,717 USD) in Vietnam, Château Lafite Rothschild Pauillac of the prestigious Bordeaux region, France has won numerous prestigious awards and scores around the world. 

The most outstanding achievement is a ranking at No. 98 of Top 100 in 2019 by James Suckling, the most influential name in the wine critic world. 

He is a former Senior Editor and European Bureau Chief of Wine Spectator, an American lifestyle magazine about wine culture, it gives ratings to certain types of wine following its 100-point scale.

As noted by James referred to the Château Lafite-Rothschild Pauillac 1989:

“I have never been a huge fan of this Lafite but it seems to be coming into its own now. It’s a wine with a character of cloves and berries with hints of plums.  It shows loads of potpourri. Roses too. Full and so balanced”.

Lafite only followed Pétrus in all of Bordeaux regarding the total number of the “perfect-point” awards by James Suckling. 

It was also known as a feature in Safeway Series: 10 Highest Rated Wines. This series is chosen by Vivino - an online wine marketplace and wine app, was found in 2010 -  including the highest rated wines from Safeway as rated by Vivino users. 

Château Lafite is an iconic name in the Old World wine region. And as the top-tier wine of the estate, Château Lafite Rothschild Pauillac is known for its ethereal tasting notes.

Created by the greatest wine estate on the planet, the first growth Pauillac is the best example of an incredible pedigree with excellent vineyards and heavenly wines.


Château Latour 


Château Latour


Have you ever wondered which wine is different from the rest of other Bordeaux based wines? If you haven’t found out yet, then grab a bottle of Château Latour and discover yourself!

Being sold at 40,000,000 VND (~1,717 USD) in Vietnam, Château Latour has been the most consistent of the First Growth Château in the Medoc region, Bordeaux, France for over a century. 

A six-liter bottle of Château Latour once broke the record for the most expensive wines ever sold in the world. This event took the world by storm and was agreed by the wine experts as "perfect provenance".

The bottle even raised the eyebrows of James Suckling that he had to make a video about the best vintages he loves for Chateau Latour!


Château Cheval Blanc ǀ Saint Émilion Grand Cru AOP 1er Grand Cru Classé A


Château Cheval Blanc


Within 40,000,000 VND (~1,717 USD), you will bring home the enormous Saint Émillion Grand Cru Classé A as an image of the very epitome of luxury. This bottle has another common name as Château Cheval Blanc Saint-Émilion Grand Cru (Premier Grand Cru Classé).

There are so many things to talk about the one and only Château Cheval Blanc and their best services of Grand Cru Classé A. The estate is located in Saint-Émilion in the Bordeaux wine region of France.

Château Cheval Blanc was one of the only two chateaux to hold the classification of Premier Grand Cru Classé A in the region of Saint Émillion. Grand Cru is the French official term for “great growth”, which refers to a regional wine classification that designates a vineyard of a favorable reputation in producing wine. AOC (Appellation d'origine contrôlée) is the highest level of wines from Burgundy or Alsace.

To understand a little bit more of how reputed this wine is, let’s go over some of the best highlights of this range in the past years!

Château Cheval Blanc broke the record for the most expensive wine ever sold at Christie’s Auction in 2010.

It was well featured in the 1983 James Bond movie Never Say Never Again in the hands of Sean Connery.

And even if you’re a fan of Disney, the wine has come on the screen once again as an order of Anton Ego, a restaurant critic in the famous release – Ratatouille as he wanted something "fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective”.


Bouchard Père et Fils ǀ Grand Cru Montrachet AOP Burgundy


Bouchard Père et Fils


Scored 94 – 96 out of 100 by Wine Advocate, Bouchard Père et Fils Grand Cru Montrachet is sold at the starting price of 32,000,000 VND (~1,373 USD) in Vietnam. 

Wine Advocate, also known as Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, is a bimonthly wine publication located in the United States where all of the consumer advice from the renowned wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr is published.

This is one of the four Grands Crus produced under the reputation of Puligny-Montrachet. Bouchard Père et Fils is set in Beaune, in the Côte de Beaune wine-growing region of Burgundy, France. Many passionate wine drinkers around the world regard Montrachet as the greatest white wine in the world.


Opus One ǀ Napa Valley AOP


Opus One


The next bottle to lead the chart is Opus One Napa Valley AOP that is found at 25,000,000 VND (~1,073 USD) in Vietnam. The wine is one of the most searched American wines on the famous website Wine-Searcher. Its winery location is found in Oakville, California.

What makes it even more interesting is the limited number of bottles to be purchased by each individual. In fact, each customer can buy up to six individual bottles or four six-bottle cases. 

However, when compared to the other wines in the Napa Valley region, Opus One Napa Valley AOP is still an affordable option.

Henschke Hill of Grace 


Henschke Hill of Grace


The iconic Hill of Grace by Henschke costs 25,000,000 VND (~1,073 USD) in Vietnam. This is a Shiraz-based wine that falls into the list of one of the highest prices for Australian bottled wine. Henschke is a renowned winery based in the famous Barossa Valley, Australia.

The history behind this bottle is amazing to many wine drinkers. The first Hill of Grace was released in 1958 when the vineyards were almost 100 years old.

The distillation of the vineyard is another factor that makes Hill Of Grace of the biggest hits of all time. What you can infer from the juice is the quintessence of the terroir through the complex, finely wrought, and the lingering aroma of berry and spice.

Henschke Hill of Grace 2012 was announced the Wine of the Year in 2018 by James Halliday AM, a distinguished wine critic at the Halliday - Qantas epiQure Wine Companion Awards. 

Three years before that, the wine received the perfect score of 100 points for JamesSuckling.com in 2015.


Château d’Yquem


Château d’Yquem


20,000,000 VND (~858 USD) for a bottle of Château d’Yquem is definitely something that’s worth a little extra cash. Château d'Yquem is a Premier Cru Supérieur wine that represents the reputation of the Graves vineyards in Sauternes area, Gironde region, Southern Bordeaux, France.

Premier Cru Supérieur (superior first growth) is the highest level out of three in Sauternes of the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855.

The reason why this bottle has been ranked as one of the most expensive wines in Vietnam comes from the harvest season that sets it apart from other white wines in the world. 

Only when September and October arrive does the “noble rot” show up on the grapes flagging the upcoming harvest season. The professional winegrowers refer to this rot as Botrytis, which is accountable for changing the wine into an exceptional juice.

Due to this one-of-a-kind technique, there exists an issue that has a lot to do with nature. In some specific years, sudden climatic disasters approach such as first grosts or storms. They destroy the Botrytis that has been formed on the outside of the grapes before the harvest season begins. This means there is no lucky harvest in that certain year and no wine is made accordingly.

This entire story explains the reason behind the limited amount of Château d'Yquem in normal years and goes down to zero in unlucky years.

The Château has a long history dating back to the 1500s and was nourished by the unique microclimate.

The strict principle of the estate ensures the best quality of the wine to reach the taste buds of the customers. This means if, in any year that the quality is not up to snuff, the estate will not release the vintage and sell off the juice instead.


Torbreck The Laird 2012


Torbreck The Laird 2012


With 19,000,000 VND (~815 USD), you can bring home the unique and terroir-driven Torbreck The Laird 2012. The wine received 100 points RM by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate. Torbeck is another representative from the Barossa Valley of Australia.

What this bottle has to offer is the perfect weather and fruit, which makes it one of the greatest vintages ever produced by the estate.

Torbreck The Laird 2012 is the prettiest Laird that the winery has ever made. It sits for three years in oak and two more years in the bottle.


Penfolds Grange


Penfolds Grange


Penfolds Grange costs from 25,000,000 (~1,073 USD) in Vietnam. This iconic Australian wine is one of the most concentrated dry wines that brings fame to the country. The Penfolds Grange is regarded as the greatest Australian wine with a base of Shiraz and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Penfolds Grange 1990 was announced “Wine of the Year” by the prestigious Wine Spectator magazine in 1995 as it scored 97 out of 100. At that time, Penfolds Grange was the only wine outside of California that won the award.

Today, you can visit the Penfolds winery in Adelaide, Southern Australia.


Armand de Brignac Champagne Gold


Armand de Brignac Champagne Gold


Armand de Brignac Champagne is not only magical in the juice but also in the look. The Gold version is sold at 14,000,000 VND (~601 USD)  in Vietnam while the Rose goes for 17,000,000 VND (~ 730 USD).

The village of Rilly-la-Montagne is where the iconic Armand de Brignac champagnes are made. It is located in the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne.

Armand de Brignac Champagne is widely known by the nickname Ace of Spades, which is inspired by the recognizable design on the bottle. Armand de Brignac Champagne is the best example of an emblematic A-grade champagne that money can buy.

The wine was brought to the spotlight by Jay-Z in 2006 as he released the song “Show me what you got”. There was one scene where he rejected a bottle of Cristal and demanded the Ace of Spades instead. 

Then 2014 came and the famous singer decided to acquire this timeless brand.

Royal doesn’t come cheap, and Armand de Brignac has won the position it has today for a reason. 

The wine stands the test of many critics including Jancis Robinson and José Penin. They rated the wine No.1 out of 1000 Champagne competitors in 2009. Decanter, the world's largest and most influential wine competition with the top wine experts, and Wine Spectator scored the wine with 90+ in numerous reviews.


Wrap Up

These interesting facts about the most expensive wines in Vietnam may help you explore a lesser-known section in the world of wine. If you love to try any of these prestigious wines, chat with the experts at Vietnam Cellar and let us be your consultant! In case you need a daily wine to cheer you up after work without breaking the bank, go ahead and pick your favorite bottle today!