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Reasons women should love wine more than men

This article, from which you can find some more unexpected reasons why women should love wine more than men do

women wine glass vinyard


Nowadays, wine is actually regarded as a great companion on many occasions whether bitter or sweet. Most women have considered wine to be the classiest drink ever, in fact, women are proven to buy and drink more wine than men with approximately 57% of wine consumed, due to Nielsen’s recent research.

You didn’t expect that coming, did you? I know I know, that’s why you’re reading this article, from which you can find some more unexpected reasons why women should love wine more than men do, rather than just simply being delicious (and don’t your dare have in mind that women can’t drink wine because that is men’s stuff - old-fashioned enough for this century!)

#1 Health benefits

Wine is mainly made from the extract of grapes, so clearly. Therefore, you can think of it as a fermented fruit juice. And no fruit is ever bad for your health, ever. So what exactly do women benefit in health from drinking wine? Let’s take a closer look at these 4 aspects below!


  •  Heart disease 

Due to many scientific studies, red wine is actually good for the heart. Being made from crushed dark grapes, it is a relatively rich source of resveratrol - a natural antioxidant in the skin of grapes. Just like a process, oxidative stress in the body, which is clearly linked with many diseases, including cancers and heart disease, is prevented by antioxidants. 

Overall, the potential heart-healthy benefits of wine (especially red wine) look promising, but sweetie, that doesn’t mean you can drink a lot without having any bad effects on your heart. It’s important to learn by heart that drink in moderation is the key, one glass a day may keep the doctor away!


  •  Sex functioning

Everyone has their own favorite choice of wine, but if you and your partner are looking for something to “light up your night”, there may only be one type of bottle to pick up at the store: red wine. 

Studies have show that red wine may be the only type of alcohol that can improve sex, or even more detailed, a glass or two of red wine may increase a woman's libido, which literally raise the testosterone levels. They have confirmed the ability to decrease instances of erectile dysfunction up to 14% by red wine, specifically from such elements like berries and chocolate as ingredients.

On the other hand, researchers have also claimed that most wines contain histamines, which can basically increase your sex drive. 


  • A sharper mind

Published in the Medical Journal of Australia, researchers have shown some unexpected results, compared to non-pregnant women, women have been pregnant perform worse on attention, decision-making, planning and memorizing. This is a natural phenomena after giving birth to a baby, so even some women might not have as sharp mind as usual during or after pregnancy, it is not a very big deal in everyday life. But if you want to stay sharp still in your golden years, drink wine. Of course, drink a moderate amount regularly and not during pregnancy.

While other people believe drinking wine might make you drunk and can hardly remember anything the day after, on the contrary, scientists have a strong belief that booze throws a body block against absorbing new information that allows the brain to consolidate information it had the day before. They said that the hippocampus, the brain area that is extremely important in memorizing, switches to solidizing memories, turning short-term into longer-term memory. 


  •  No more stressful days


women and wine bottle smile cheer


Personally, whatever physiological or psychological the effect is, a glass of wine (or maybe more) calms me. “Okay I got this, but first, let me have some wine”. Spending evenings with a bottle of wine is a kinda appropriate and safe way to blow stressful days away. It feels so much better than to hide and not tell anyone about this, or start getting stubborn and aggressive on others when you’re stressed out, doesn’t it? 

"There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne." 

Bette Davis


Some glasses of wine are surely there to help you relax, but how about depression? In fact, a study on 5,505 people was made in 2013 and lasted for over 7 years, which finally came up with the result that those who drank between 2-7 glasses of wine each week had a lower chance to get depressed. e

In the summary, wine gives you times not to worry about sh*tdays!


#2 It actually makes you more attractive

Why spend hours putting on makeup in front of the mirror when you can quickly grab a glass of wine? 

A recent study published in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism confirmed that a glass of wine  made drinkers look more attractive (to sober judges, for sure), versus those who hadn’t had anything to drink. Sounds so good to be true? So what is the right explanation to this?

They have also annotated that, due to an increase of facial flushing (or slight redness on your skin) that is usually way more attractive than usual. Besides, their other suggestion was that alcohol makes people seem in a more positive or jolly mood, encouraging them to loosen a bit and give off some positive signals, which results in more smiles and muscle relaxation. Drink wine, checked. Attractiveness leveled up, checked!


beauty girl and wine take photo with phone


Moreover, wine is more diet-friendly than other alcohol drinks, as a glass of red wine usually contains about 88 calories, when white wine is around 85 calories, which are even lower than a slide of bread (250 calories for 100 grams)! The DGA, too, have a recommendation that women should stick to one drink per day. 

To be brief, wine is one of the healthiest forms of alcohol you could choose. Beer just makes you fat.


#3 Elegant drink with more styles 

No one will ever judge you for having a glass of champagne at 9AM on a plan. Flying is kinda stressful sometimes, people can understand and that's why most services serve wine on planes in the first place. But on the opposite, you know you’re not going to make any good impression once drinking Bourbon on a 9AM flight at all!


beauty girl and wine in the bathroom


Because for real, women actually look better, way more classier and elegant when appearing with a glass of wine than anything else in the world. But it’s not just the outlook or the etiquette that makes wine seems fabulous. Wonderful things won’t come easily, you know.

Good wines take great expertise, time, attention, love and luck to create a unique flavour. Very careful works on each grape, vintage, style, barrel material, blend, etc are made little by little just to give out the best wine-experiences for drinkers. You may find every can of Bud you buy tastes the same (factory recipe, nothing more), that’s why hand-crafted beers cost a bit more with taste better (more complex, too). And so is wine! 

Complicated from the making process till the drinking etiquette, together with awesome flavours, classy style and incredible art, wine is nothing different from the best companion-drink for women on most occasions. If a woman drinks wine at a business dinner, she is ambitious and modern. If a woman drinks wine on a date night, she is romantic and elegant. If a woman drinks wine at a party, she is charming and seductive. If a woman drinks wine at home, she knows how to enjoy every moment on her own!


#4 A nice choice of gift & party flavor

I know, girl things can drive you crazy sometimes for choosing between shoes, bags, accessories or perfumes, whatever, as a present for uncountable occasions! As science has proven, women are better at picking and selecting gifts and tend to buy more than men do. If you want to nail it everytime, I can say a bottle of wine is most preferred as a precious present you should probably settle on.

As usual, if you’re invited to a party, bringing wine as a gift can’t be more perfect. Imagine when you knock on the door and appear in front of their house with a bottle of wine and a little cutie bowl on it. The owner of the house will soon open up your wine and make it a part of the dinner party! 


wine gift box


Make sure you know what dishes are going to be served before picking wine, better preparation, better experiences. An outdoor, summer BBQ party? Go for some Malbec or Shiraz if we’re having steak mainly, while Pinot Noir and Gamay will be the best partner with sausages!

More than just family - friends gathering atmosphere, wine has a wide range of different styles for different levels of celebrations. For example, wedding parties. To mark and celebrate an achievement in a person’s life, isn’t it romantic to come up with some wines for such special events? With warm, outdoor and daytime weddings, lighter wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir will work best, while heavier wines like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon is a better match with indoor, fall and winter weddings. 

Or Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Eve! Oh gosh, this wine journey is full of selection and choices but surely it’s worth every second and effort you spend in the end!


#5 Very yummy & healthy for appetizer,main course and dessert

As some wines have a fruity taste, it is understandable why more beginners and ladies prefer taking wine (I’m not saying women can’t drink heavy wine so please don’t get me wrong). Even though the alcohol taste itself is stronger than in beer, some light wines are quite close to grape juice which is really to drink. Coming in many different flavours, including fruit, flower, and even chocolate or nuts, I usually regard wine as a liquid form of comfort food. Well, it seems like we have more reasons for wine bottles to appear regularly on party tables rather than beers.

This aspect below is one the reasons why I fall for wine so much! Instead of sticking up to one specific alcohol drink all the way and ending up tasting flat, plus a lot of calories (also being hecking drunk, maybe), we'll have a really wide selection for appetizer, main course and dessert when coming to wine!


women eating pizza and drink wine

For me, as a woman of course, I’d love some salty snacks first with a glass of Sparkling wine. Never start heavy, always remember that, keep your palate fresh for the main course. If I’m having fish after, Sauvignon Blanc from France or California will really enhance the flavor, and a Côtes du Rhône will be on the top of my tongue when mentioning red meat. And a Sparkling glass again as a dessert to finish my night!

By the way, it’s not important how I choose my wine, but me trying to show you guys how diverse, interesting and wonderful it can be to get wine along with your journey!


#6 Don’t let the stereotypes stop you!

Although we’re living in a modern time, there is still prejudice against women and alcohol drink. The old-fashioned minds claim men using wine to represent their freedom and power to society, at the same time, drinking was not that appropriate for women due to the domestic duties they perform. You must set good examples for your kids and make your family proud, they said. You mustn't have fun, get loosen and always follow the standard, they said.

Society is rude sometimes, you just can’t ignore things that are always continuously repeated around you. Please, accept that truth, but do not accept their blaming on women drinking. You have your own choice to make, if having yourself some glasses of wine makes you a bitch, dare to do it.


confident Girl and wine


Wine is a form of art. Art is not limited for whoever and no one ever is judged for enjoying art. You are not drinking wine to prove anyone about anything, but for your interest mostly. We deserve what we deserve, don’t let the stereotypes stop you from having your journey in wine.

Now, don’t hesitate and feel free to go ahead whenever you want another sip of wine. 

Bon appetit!