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Ultimate Workplace-Matching Corporate Wine Gift Guide for Tet Holiday

Having this guide in your hand and no worries can bother you anymore! Your wine gift for the business partners will surprise them with how thoughtful and dedicated you are.

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A corporate wine gift is one of the most searched ideas on Google before the big holidays arrive every year. 

As a piece of a big company puzzle before, I completely understand how choosing a corporate gift can be a challenging task. We have so many partners from different fields that we need to work with throughout the year. Some of them are from a big retail chain, some work in construction, bankers, import-export, and many more.

What we look for on this occasion is a perfect gift that can light up our business partner. Even though the Internet comes back with one-size-fits-all suggestions, I found out one thing that you can use for all types of companies (with just a little twist): wine!

Each of the wines has a different characteristic that matches well with a certain type of working culture, so you don’t have to worry whether they will like your wine gift or not. 

All you need to do is to find a wine with an outstanding flavor, meaning, or origin that pairs well with that certain type of working culture.

This article will help you take care of the hard task. I cover TWO sides of the same coins:

  • Which corporate wine gift to give your business partners that match their company’s style.

  • Which wine that your company should offer other partners in the network that reflects your business culture and characteristics.

Having this guide in your hand and no worries can bother you anymore! Your wine gift for the business partners will surprise them with how thoughtful and dedicated you are.


Corporate Wine Gift for a Real Estate Company (A Realtor)

Looking for a meaningful closing gift to give a realtor is a crucial thing to do. Whether they just help you by selling out a property, closing a deal or they simply are your valuable partner in the past year.

The realtors usually work with middle-income or even high-class customers. And that’s why they need to travel a lot, but at the same time, they rake in. Dressing formally and appearing with a big smile on their face is a big part of their job. The realtors have flexible working time and they usually meet clients during their break hours.

Given these factors, the realtors barely spend much time for themselves as they’ve been diligent and negotiating all day long to close the deals.


Best Wine to Offer a Realtor


dog poin

Delicate wine with finesse and the flavors are understated instead of being full-blown and over


A subtle wine with notes of flowers and oak to ease their stress after work is what you need. It should be a delicate wine with finesse and the flavors are understated instead of being full-blown and overt. This kind of wine allows them to reward themselves while taking some time alone after work.


Best Corporate Wine Gift Realtors Should Give Their Partners

Domaine de La Couvette Bio

Nice bottle or it has a beautiful color
drink with clients in important events and meetings

Another ideal wine gift that a realtor can offer his or her partners is a popular wine that comes out in a nice bottle or it has a beautiful color. They can use it to drink with their clients in important events and meetings.


Corporate Wine Gift for a Construction Company

Coming up next is a construction company. This type of company is distinctive in terms of working environment and employees’ characteristics. This type of job is physically demanding as they need to work on the construction site with harsh conditions or business travel.

A majority of the workers are male working both on the construction sites and at the back office. The construction process comprises various segments. The project engineers have to be present on the construction site most of the time to supervise the on-going processes in charge by different workers. This is one of their main tasks as their priority is to ensure the guaranteed schedule.


Best Intense Red Wine for a Construction Company


Strong and intense red wine

If you’ve been wondering how to choose corporate wine gifts for the construction workers, I highly recommend a strong and intense red wine. This is a great gift for engineers to celebrate with their colleagues. A tremendous red wine brings out the best in them and complements their strong and enduring personality.


Best Corporate Wine Gift a Construction Company Should Offer Its Partners
And now you’re a construction contractor looking for a wine to gift your clients and partners. Think about who your clients are! 



The world’s most spectacular-looking vineyards


  • Are they architects? 

Pick a wine coming from one of the best designed vineyards around the world! Marqués de Riscal and Antinori nel Chianti Classico are named the world’s most spectacular-looking vineyards. Not only are their wines a favorable choice for many wine lovers, but the top-notch designs of these estates also draw a huge number of tourists in eno-tourism. 

Remember to leave a note describing the origin and reason why you give this bottle to the architecture company! I’m sure they will respect and admire you even more!

  • If your clients are families who just got their houses developed by your company, hand them a Champagne as a housewarming gift! 

champagne louis roederer

A big name and a great champagne


Cheer them up with something light, sparkling, happy-looking and festive to match with their excitement when moving into a new house!


Corporate Wine Gift for a Conglomerate

A conglomerate is a corporation made of several different businesses that seem to be unrelated to one another. Because of such, covered under the management of a big conglomerate is a large number of diversified businesses. 

A conglomerate is accountable for operating multi-industry aspects and connecting all of them precisely and effectively to represent a big brand name. 


A Diverse Wine for a Conglomerate


Château Los Boldos Grande Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

 Complex, medium body and round tannin


For a corporation like this, you need a wine with diverse tasting profiles or characteristics. This kind of wine will allow the team members to celebrate with other departments of different fields on a big occasion. 

As these employees have a different background and experiencing a different working culture, a diverse wine that can please various palates is important.

A Wine for a Conglomerate to Offer Its Business Partners



Vina Tondonia Reserva is a classic of the traditional part of Rioja: balanced, fine, vintage. 2007: Robert Parker: 96, Atkin: 96. No comment!


There’s one thing both you and I agree: we cannot choose just one wine that meets the taste of all of the clients, because you work in a conglomerate! 

You have an extensive list of business partners that you work with every day. And they all come from different fields. This guy can be logistics to help you take care of the shipments, but another lady may work in commercial processing.

So in this case, I suggest you look out for the personalities that these people have in common. I believe they are organized, idealistic, and decisive in order to handle the daily tasks smoothly.

A Tempranillo is what you need! It will fit a routine, logic, and systematic type of employees.


Best Corporate Wine Gift for an Information Technology Company

Information Technology is one of the most promising careers in Vietnam. The young population is interested in providing services that relate to computers and information systems.

The characteristic of the IT industry is primarily dealing with the operation and development of computers. Most of the IT employees are males who spend a lot of time working individually.


Best Wine to Gift an IT Company



Technology in agriculture


Choose a wine that features the high-tech vinification! This is a great way for the guys to discover an equivalent culture from a completely different industry. 

They have been working with machinery and computers for an entire life, and now it’s time to discover how their counterparts apply technology in agriculture!


Which Wine Should an IT Worker Give His Business Partner?



The aroma is intense and persistent with distinct traces of fruit, 

wild rose and spices


The business partners of an IT company come from various walks of life. But they have one thing in common, a decisive, systematic, and leader personality. 

An IT company provides services for either a large company that prioritizes its computer network system, an application developer, a hospital, or any type of business with an enormous data system. A bottle of Nebbiolo will make a perfect wine gift for these partners!


Best Corporate Wine Gift for an Accounting Company

The accountants and auditors are famous for working under stress during long hours. They seem to be busy most of the time, especially at the end of the year due to a huge amount of workload from different clients. 

With an analytical mindset and an admirable concentration, the accountants can perform overviews of the financial operations of a business to help it run efficiently. 

They are also responsible for creating plans of action for improved financial well-being and examining statements to ensure accuracy.


Which Wine to Give an Accounting Firm?


By Ott Cotes de Provence Rose

Fantastic French Rose hue and worth a visit if you haven’t had it yet


You need an elegant rosé or white wine with wonderful fruity notes to gift the female accountants. One more tip to bear in mind is that if it’s a big and famous finance company, don’t hesitate to surprise them with a wine from a world-class chateau. 

This thoughtful act will dignify their pride and position. And as a result, the relationship between your two companies will be taken to a new level!


Which Wine for an Accounting Firm to Give its Partners?



Heavenly Red for an exceptionally structured and complex wine


The industries that outsource an accounting firm are highly diverse and prestigious. They came to you with a massive range of accounting tasks that an expert like you will handle perfectly. Most of them have a background in hospitality, healthcare, import-export, and many more. For these types of companies, let’s surprise them with a bottle of Barbera. This type of wine is a perfect match for those who are serious and logistically working towards goals.


Corporate Wine Gift for a Retail Chain

Like most of the other companies, a retail chain comprises a wide range of positions in different departments and places. It can be a sale or a shopkeeper on the premise, or it can also be a manager working in the back office.

Yet many of them are likely to involve working with customers in a sales or service capacity. A larger retailer is where they have a lot of co-workers and more opportunities to function as part of a team.

Working in retail doesn’t require any special skills, it’s a job for friendly and helpful people. Patience is an important trait for a retail worker. He or she also needs to master social skills.


Best Wine Gift to Give a Retail Company



Iconic French wine, Love the dark color and intense taste


To gift a retail company, you want a wine with a broad palate appeal as it fits the sociable and friendly retail workers. When a wine has a broad palate, it has the lingering aftertaste that lasts for a longer period. Riesling often boasts a crisp and refreshing 30-second aftertaste. An iconic French wine is also a good option to consider.


Best Wine Gift That a Retail Worker Needs for His or Her Business Partners


yalumba riesling

Broad palate appeal as it fits the sociable and friendly retail workers


If you’re in the retail industry, I’m sure you have met a lot of logistic workers, marketers and IT developers. 

  • For logistic partners: Hand them a Pinot Noir wine that matches a focused, skeptical and abstract environment they’ve been working in.



The lovely fruity notes of Pinot Noir, the twist of South of France.


  • For marketers: Sangiovese is a thoughtful gift for the outspoken, resourceful and creative personalities.



Wild and Powerful


  • For IT developers: a high-technology wine to complement their background and dignify their pride.


Technology in agriculture


Corporate Wine to Gift a Bank

The bank is a professional working environment. And bankers are famous for being well-organized with strong computer skills. Their communication ability helps them with dealing and negotiating with clients on a daily basis.

As the job has a lot to do with money, honest and trustworthy employees are the top factors of any banker. And that’s also the reason why working in the bank is stressful and they usually come home late at the end of the day. 


Best Corporate Wine to Gift the Bank Employees



One of the top wines of Rhone Valley, the link between Burgundy and Bordeaux


Due to the professional and formal scenario that these bankers have to be in every day, you want a fancy-looking or a high-end wine to complement the bank employees on how professional they are. 


Best Wine for a Bank Representative to Gift Business Partners



An impressive cabernet, also easy to enjoy


The majority of customers working in and out of the banks daily are individuals. But as a banker yourself, you’ll have a list of the “big guys” in the portfolio that you need to maintain the partnership at all costs.

The larger customers or organizations such as mid-sized companies, mortgage brokers, real estates, investors, and large corporates play a big role in building the reputation of your company.

Most of the employees in these companies are very driven, goal-oriented, independent, and hold high standards. A Cabernet Sauvignon will connect your bank and these partners on your behalf.


Corporate Wine for a B2B Company

For a B2B company, an insightful, conscientious, and visionary wine like a Syrah will help you take care of the networking. Trust me! Hand them the best Syrah bottle you find from a wine cellar attached with a professional and dedicated letter, and your partnership will last forever!

Best Wine a B2B Company Loves


Castillo de Molina Reserva Syrah

A very friendly wine, with good volume and smooth, ripe tannins.
A rich acidity lends the wine freshness and a persistent finish.


For a B2B company, an insightful, conscientious, and visionary wine like a Syrah will help you take care of the networking. Trust me! Hand them the best Syrah bottle you find from a wine cellar attached with a professional and dedicated letter, and your partnership will last forever!


Which Wine That a B2B Company Needs as a Gift?

It’s a tough question! You have to look back into your company’s client list and sort out what personalities they share in common!

  • If they are sensitive, friendly and “in the moment”, gift them with a Gamay wine. 

Georges Duboeuf Brouilly

When all options fail, buy Georges Duboeuf Brouilly!


  • If they are idealistic, loyal and thoughtful, a Cabernet Franc will do a good job.



Nothing has better desciption than one word - "Fantastic"


  • If they are empathetic and responsible, you need a Merlot!


Quintessence of the sandy-gravelly soils


Wine for an Import-Export Company

Just like any other logistic companies worldwide, the import-export companies in Vietnam have to work with many global brands. The employees in this field are required to travel a lot, while long shifts are an essential thing to ensure the shipment process stays intact.

In an import-export company, multiple departments take care of a certain segment throughout the logistic process. You will have people developing, delivering or receiving the products, some are tracking the shipments, while the others deal with regulations, problems, and customers.

As a result, this type of company needs someone with a careful, detailed and patient attitude. You can also say that import-export is a computer kind of job.


Best Wine for the Logistic Employees



This Pays d'Oc will blown your mind!


For a logistics company, I suggest you give a Pinot Noir to match a focused, skeptical, and abstract environment!

This is not only a good corporate wine to cheer them up after a hard-working project, but it also shows your deep respect for how caring and dedicated they are!


Best Wine a Logistic Workers Need to Give 



Balanced tannins and acidity


Working in an import-export company, you spend most of the time working with E-commerce partners. Other than that, you will have the big corporate businesses or parent companies that need to transport their products overseas for distributors.

In this scenario, nothing is better than a Grenache! This wine is made for the cooperative, conscientious, and loyal staff who love working with others to deliver results on time.


Which Corporate Wine Gift is the Best for a Travel (Hospitality) Brand?

I especially have great experiences with the travel industry since I worked in this field before. It is one of the top careers that require the best customer service skills. 

No matter what the job position is, either a tour guide, a receptionist, or an operator, they all need to interact with customers every single day. That’s the reason why these people are excellent at communicating and negotiating.

Another factor that you need to know is the cultural-awareness that these employees are required to have as they work with travelers from various countries and cultures. 

Sociable and outgoing are what you will find in a typical hospitality worker. They also work in long shifts and develop great problem-solving skills.

Best Wine for Those Working in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Restaurants, hotels and travel agencies are usually tied in a cooperative relationship. They have to collaborate effectively and in sync to provide the best services for customers.



Good, friendly wine to drink with traditional french dishes!


These sections always co-exist in a cycle! A group of tourists visit a new city on a tour, stay at a hotel and eat in a regional restaurant. That’s how a tour package functions. 

With all of these traits, Merlot wine is surely the best wine gift that will never go wrong! Merlot wine is suitable for those who are responsible, attentive to other people’s needs, empathetic, and great helpers.


Best Corporate Wine Gift for a Law Firm

The law firms appear to be a glamorous, dynamic, and glitzy profession. Working in a lawsuit comes along with a competitive profession, target driven, and usually involves long hours.

The lawyers are expected to be available at any time in a day, which makes “unsociable hours” a thing in this industry. Yet weekend work is not common for smaller law firms.

Given all of these practices, a law firm is a high-pressure environment. The lawyers have to work all day long to tight deadlines. Calm posture is what you normally see from the lawyers.


Which is the Best Corporate Wine Gift for Lawyers?



The flavour is majestic and velvety


Relaxation is an expensiveness that these lawyers crave to have. What you need to gift your lawyer partners are elegant, complex wines with character, like Northern Italy wines, from Piedmont or Veneto.


Best Wine Gift a Lawyer Need to Offer



Italian know-how concentrated in this bottle


The main business partners, or clients, of the law firms are usually corporations, banks, private equity firms as well as insurance companies. 

There also exists an audience segment in the profession of lawyers: individuals with high net worth. These partners seek out assistance on legal aspects of their tax or investment arrangements.

In this case, you want a luxury wine to dignify their social status and professionalism. Luxury wines can be viewed in terms of consumption, exclusivity, and indulgence. Imagine handing your clients a nice-looking and exclusive bottle in an end-year party, they will surely regard you as a special partner!


Wrap Up

We have just provided a list of 11 corporate wine gifts that match the characteristics of each type of business in Vietnam. All you need to do now is heading to the best wine cellar in your city and pick the right bottle!

In case you need a better consultant, our experts at Vietnam Cellar are always available upon request. Talk to us anytime and let us help you choose the best wine to gift your partner company!