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Under Wine lovers’ eyes

In the summer evening, we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cuong - Reporter of Life & Law Newspaper.

journalist of doi song va phap luat

“Nguyễn Duy Cường" - Reporter of Life & Law Newspaper.

In the summer evening, we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cuong - Reporter of Life & Law Newspaper. Through the meeting together with very short stories, we accidentally got the chance to know more about his experiences with wine, as well as thoughts and conceptions under a very personal perspective. 

He started to know about wine 7-8 years ago when he started his career and as a possibility, had to meet and interact with many different characters and people. With a very typical nature of the profession of Reporter - Journalist, a warm heart, he was invited for some glass of wine and with many warm conversations, he shared. And from then wine and he became friends. He said he liked white wine very much because he liked the lightness and elegance of it. 

Besides, for a long time back, he thought giving gifts should be red wines, it should make him modern and elegant. But later, when he was increasingly drinking more types of wine, he realized that many bottles of white wine were better than red wine. Since then, he has thought, each wine would have its own beauty and taste. Wine does not matter what the evaluation of the people around, but rather your experience. 

Nowadays, young people prefer much more wine compares with the old generation, he appraises. People used to have the stereotype that alcohol was for men only, however, now he realizes that ladies enjoying wine more and more, he feels happy that good things are something that should be enjoyed everywhere, by everyone.

Earlier, when the holidays came, his company only gifted pen and notebooks to staff, nevertheless, it has gradually turned to give wine as precious gifts. 

He laughed and said, when he had wine, he could talk easily, and the atmosphere was warmer. For him, whoever he considers they are closed to him, he would invite them home to drink wine, not beer anymore, he confided. 

Wine is both fragrant and good taste, and that being drunk of wine is much more pleasant than beer. 

Near the end of the meeting, Mr. Cuong asked Sommelier of Vietnam Cellar to recommend a special bottle of white wine for him, which will be a gift to his dad on this Father's Day.

And our Sommelier suggested him for 3 following bottles:


Allan Scott Pinot Gris 

Price: 555.000 VNĐ 

New Zealand


Allan Scott Pinot Gris has a fragrant bouquet of nutmeg, melon, and white peach, which delivers the same elements to the palate

Serve this wine as an aperitif with a platter of hard cheeses, fish, or stone fruit desserts will bring you to the whole new experiences.

Please find the detail of bottle athttps://vietnam-cellar.com/products/allan-scott-pinot-gris 


Mouton Cadet Sauvignon Blanc 

Price : 595.000 VNĐ 



Mouton Cadet Sauvignon Blanc has the broom notes present on the nose with citrus and box flavours which persist on the fresh midpalate, leading into a mineral finish marked by a touch of lime. 

One of first wines in the list of wines lovers many years back and as dependable and steadfast as ever! If you’re not sure what to bring to a party, so here is the best choice you can make!

Please find the detail of bottle athttps://vietnam-cellar.com/products/rothschild-mouton-cadet-sauvignong-blanc


 Schloss Vollrads Estate QbA Riesling 2017 

Price : 890.000 VNĐ 



While the nose is delicate, suggesting crushed mineral and white grapefruit notes, the palate of this off-dry wine is juicy and exuberant. 

It’s a zesty, easygoing Riesling, offering loads of grapefruit and lemon flavors. This one is the greatest for a hot day and you even should over ice for better taste. How enjoyable it is!

Please find the detail of bottle athttps://vietnam-cellar.com/products/schloss-vollrads-estate-qba-riesling-2017 


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