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Why women are better at tasting wine than men?

Before saying anything, I’m gonna assert there are so many articles (I mean, serious) on the Internet discussing, even some interviews have been made about women are better at wine tasting than men.

elegant women drinking wine outside


Before saying anything, I’m gonna assert there are so many articles (I mean, serious) on the Internet discussing, even some interviews have been made about women are better at wine tasting than men. Honey, if this is the first time you’ve ever seen this statement, Jesus, you probably have a lot to update!

I can understand the lack of women in the wine industry, but do you think it’s a bit ironic as women are actually better at tasting wine than men according to science?

First of all, due to scientific research, women typically have more taste areas (fungiform papillae) and taste buds on their tongues than men. But additionally, have you ever gone to a zoo and observed animals feeding their babies? Which gender takes on that responsibility? Mostly female. 


So what does this relate to women’s ability to taste better?


Since women have the task of carrying an unborn child, nature has given them more heightened taste perceptions as a mechanism to protect a child that they may carry.  To which, I strongly believe that this extra-sensitive palate helps them avoid poisons, toxins, anything spoiled, etc. And as a result, it also leads to women having a stronger sense of smell than men.

“In general, men reported higher scores on significant emotions than women for all the wines. But women, although they gave generally lower ratings than men, reported greater differences between the wines.”  according to Science Direct. Dr. Caroline Chaya of the Technical University of Madrid. Spain


Secondly, this upcoming reason may cringe you a little bit as you’ve never thought of this before. 

Women have long been told that they are way more emotional than men (yeah, I know, women must be the ones to act softly, while men toughly). But as it turns out, it’s actually men who are the emotional ones. At least when it comes to wine. 

A recent survey discovered that women are better wine tasters than men because men get too wrapped up, emotionally, in their wines and aren’t as good at differentiating the taste and smell of them. Personally, I don’t completely think this is a bad factor, being emotional can be a good sign sometimes as it proves you have special feelings over something (just like a Robot Check on Google, yay, you have such a heart, you’re not a robot at all). Besides, in some specific situations, we have to use both our brains and our hearts to pick out the best for us. 

Sadly, even though men have more emotional responses to wines, they were less able to describe those emotions than women were. Well, this is when “patriarchy” takes its place. 

Men are taught that it’s a female trait to be emotional and aren’t taught how to actually describe how they feel. So while it’s kind of understandable to learn this, it’s also good to remember that being able to talk about your feelings is something all genders should work on. Being emotional isn’t a bad thing in the end.

Even though there are more women making a name for themselves in the wine world nowadays, it’s still a man’s man’s man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman, right?

Things I guess we all search for after every article is proof. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you the following very short list of great female winemakers and some of the wines that they are currently or have previously been involved with?


Ms. Heidi Peterson

Ms. Heidi Peterson Barrett 

Who is currently working as a winemaker and entrepreneur who has been responsible for some of California's most notable cult wines, with her famous Screaming Eagle - the most wanted wine in America, La Sirena, Paradigm, Amuse Bouche and so on


Ms. Sarah Gott

Ms. Sarah Gott 

 An American winemakers with her charming Quintesse - one of the most expensive wine in Rutherford and Joseph Phelps Insignia


Celia Welch Masyczek

Ms. Celia Welch Masyczek 

With 30-year experience in winemaking and her irresistible D.R. Stephens and Staglin Family


Ms. Laura Catena Zapata

Ms. Laura Catena Zapata 

For all her work to reach the eponymous Bodega on top of the world (#1 winery in 2020)


There are still a lot more, but even this incomplete list can lead you to believe that there must be some natural correlation between women and acute taste perception.

Tasting ability is individual, of course, meaning both men and women can be great tasters, and conversely some men and some women will be weak tasters, potentially yes. But one thing we can not deny is science results. 

Don’t you think it’s high time we stopped sticking to such stereotypes and started respecting the facts?